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Liner Notes: 

I picked a sample pretty much at random out of ableton - "Asian_Ceremony_100_Gmaj_PL" - and chopped it up and effected it and reversed it and built this song up around it. And then kept adding stuff and adding stuff and ended up with a bit of a noisy mess. I like it though!

This song is about the first man I dated. The ending "punchline", for want of a better word, actually happened. Unbelievably he was pretty chill about it and we kept dating for a couple months after that with no further horrific sexual embarrassments.


you were my introduction
a nervous baby gay,
awkwardly fumbling through seduction
you were my introduction

the first time that we met
in the beer garden of the Queens Head
a few days later got a text
you got my number from a friend
and we arranged to meet again

the second time we met
in an old mans boozer, stank of ale and sweat
it wasn't really a great
setting for a first date
but we arranged to meet again

[you were my introduction]
a nervous baby gay,
awkwardly fumbling through seduction
you were my introduction

the third time that we met
we got fucked up
and we made out
and we took a cab
back to your house
- I'm gonna finally have sex!

but then I threw up while trying to give you head.

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The sampled / tuned "you were" hook is really great! Love this take on the challenge, and there are some great beats / drop-outs / lyrics all the way through this. You appear to be starting this 50/90 in a rich vein of form and I am slightly envious, having just forced out a difficult mess for my song #2. YOU WILL INSPIRE ME TO TRY HARDER (hopefully)

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This is a brilliant mess! It stays together and cohesive throughout The drops really work and the fuzzy vocals.......I didn't read your liner notes/lyrics first, guess I should of, I might not of laughed so hard and spewed some coffee when I got to the end!

Great stuff!

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"a nervous baby gay" such a vivid line. Biggrin

I love love love the melody in the sides, that whiny guitary sound. It's so happy sounding!

Great movement.

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This is so catchy, it really drew me in. This is a very raw and honest song. There is a lot going on here but it's not overwhelming, very nice job with this track!

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So your third song is called Introduction? Great. Some excellent panned glitches and sounds in this, some real beautiful melodic sounds clashing against shrill fxs, but in the best possible way. The vocal melody is catchy enough to hold everything together. The track really feels like a whirlwind, which ties in with the feel of the lyrics perfectly. YOU WERE is the new IT'S A VER.