Lemonade Hurrays

Lemonade Hurrays

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Liner Notes: 

This started as a typical (for me!) exercise in surreality and turned into a mild critique of July 4th parades.


Carousel ponies pulling tin
cartfuls of mannequins
for crowds of laughing
ventriloquist's dummies
thumbfuls of honey
duffle bags of money

Lemonade hurrays and plastic parades
on readymade holidays

Statues salute, boots do
a duet with a new pair of shoes
as the shoelaces
tie themselves into crazed
knots of excitement
and flags keep an appointment
with a bugle
and sing "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
while a mask without a face
leads a band of eight
toy soldiers and fake tanks

Lemonade hurrays and plastic parades
on readymade holidays

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i like the way some of the rhymes come in on unexpected beats. the guitar is really lovely and you give life to inanimate things wuth lyrical electricity

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Hello, only doing 50/90 in a very low key sort of way, a few songs, and a few comments.

This has a rather lovely gentle, almost fragile feel to it, unlike parades, usually, but perhaps a fragmenting culture creates..........no I won't go there! Guitar sounds beautiful, and the almost whispered lyrics as the objects and symbols dance in the lyrics, almost as if people were absent. Sounds great.

katpiercemusic's picture

Like the juxtaposition of very nostalgic imagery with very non traditional phrasing. I didn't read your notes before listening but I totally got that the juxtaposition was an indirect commentary on the 4th.

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Its a compelling song, you just have to keep listening and the softness of the lyrics make you listen carefully. Nice one.

Calum Carlyle's picture

It's simple but surreal, which i like a lot.
I can understand the critique, in a way though, plastic parades are maybe one of the least harmful of the things going on in the world just now!

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Very peaceful acoustic and really like the vocal delivery here. The lyrics seem less abstract than normal and it works really well! Good images and overall song.

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I have the worlds slowest satellite internet where I'm vacationing right now, so I read this while waiting for the song to download. No one paints a word picture like you do. I especially like the shoelaces tied in knots of excitement. I really like your quiet vocal in this one. The whole thing is rather entrancing, and the little picked guitar line is totally hypnotic

sam sorrow's picture

I love the guitar and the contrast with the vocals is really effective. very intriguing