I start by walking

I start by walking

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Liner Notes: 

Here's my first recording this year. I had a wonderful walk this morning and recorded the sound of my feet and the birds in the hedges around me.
Music is played on my newest acquisition: a Mandola from 1967. Coming from playing guitar and bass I have to get accustomed to this instrument and it's tuning in fifth but it's fun to say the least!



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that mandola has such a lovely tone, and you play it beautifully . The sound of your footsteps fits in surprisingly well.

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You have a steady pace! Beatiful tune, I can picture some of the lovely places I’ve been for a Pastoral walk.

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Really nice to hear this. Well played and as has been said, a lovely tone. I like use of the walking sounds .

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Wow...sounds like you're walking in time with the melody. This is relaxing and puts me in a good headspace.

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This sounds great. I am going to have to get out my own mandola at some point. Lovely to hear a mandola right at the start of 5090, and you play it really nicely too, it sounds really relaxing, and yet quite upbeat. The rhythmical tramping works well too!

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The walking sounds are a really nice addition to this track, sounds very nice! Peaceful and a good nature walk soundtrack.

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Excellent sound and those chords paint an easy summer feeling.

I feel relaxed by this. Just like I'm relaxed by a walk. It's the perfect combo. Smile


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Great sound effects. Crisp and sounds of progress. Mandela sounds great. Sharp and emotional. Nice.

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I love the fact that you used your footsteps as the beat. And that mandola sounds great. Love the instrumental line you created. Also like how you ended unresolved as you paused in your walk.

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I have a mandola and I was intrigued to hear what you play and I really liked it...a lovely tune and a very original approach for the rhythm!

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This is really nice...great mix too, I listen to a lot of music while walking, this captures a nice peaceful stroll perfectly, although if I had this in headphones while walking I might keep thinking someone is coming up behind me! hahah
really enjoyed it!

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I really enjoyed this, thank you Smile The addition of your footsteps as a rhythmic percussion sample worked very well.

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Man, that is just lovely. The crunching gravel is weirdly soothing, and the melody really gets its hooks into you

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This is gorgeous! I love the ambience of your wholly natural rhythm section, but it's that lovely tune you've got going on that is making me smile. I love the tone of your mandola.