Llevo una Mascara (I Wear a Mask)

Llevo una Mascara (I Wear a Mask)

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Liner Notes: 

First of what will be at least a few songs in Spanish this 50/90. I've been writing and singing these for maybe five years now, yet I'm still shy about actually speaking Spanish to people. (But I am not at all shy about how I feel about the importance of masks!)


Llevo una mascara
Debemos llevar mascaras
el uno para el otro
llevamos las mascaras

Llevo una mascara
para mis hermanos y hermanas
para nuestros padres y abuelos
todos nosotros llevamos las mascaras

I wear a mask
we should wear masks
for each other
we wear the masks

I wear a mask
for my brothers and sisters
for our parents and grandparents
we all wear the masks

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Muy buen el Señor Withrow. There is a lovely guitar sound here (is it a guitar?) The lyrics are very good and necessary during these times. We all need to be wearing masks and as you say, it is for our brothers and sisters, etc.

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Yes! I was doing yard work all morning and took a break to rest and couldn't resist the afternoon skirmish in which I also wrote a mask song.

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Nice. This is so easy on my ears.

Thank you for the translation. Biggrin

Now I want to write something in Spanish. Thanks a lot!