Grand Canyon Heroine

Grand Canyon Heroine

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Liner Notes: 

After picking through and abandoning a few writing prompt and song idea generators I tried the Lana Del Rey song title generator and I am so glad I did. I amp pretty happy with this one. I had intended it to be a bit more moody than it ended up but I often end up pretty far from my mark.

I kind of went with the idea of someone over coming a struggle while seeing others not be able to be so lucky.

I am working on making more full arrangements and experimenting with different virtual instruments as well as mixing them in with my live instruments.

I used:
My vocals
Acoustic Guitar
Sampled stomps
Midi Organ
Midi trumpet

This is also my first time writing any sort of solo part, so there's that, the mix needs some work.


Verse: f#m vD A E
Chorus: D E A

The sun came up
And she needed it
The dust blew in
And she couldn't breathe it
To survive
It's a miracle
She's even alive

The Grand Canyon Heroine
Fights another day
The Grand Canyon Heroine
Just won't
Go away

Scars from
Every battle
Another day
In the saddle
Of those lost
Souls who paid
The highest cost

The Grand Canyon Heroine
Fights another day
The Grand Canyon Heroine
Just won't
Go away

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I really like the atmosphere you created with the choice of instruments. Adds so nicely to the mood of the lyric. I just wrote one with a hero theme but it's more general-haven't posted it yet. I like how you gave yours a "home". Good details. Nicely done!

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Mix sounds good through headphones!

Great lyric!

can't help but laugh to myself about grand canyon heroin no e......and chorus chord choice D.E.A Smile there's the songs meaning to me maybe not your intention, as most drug songs, the writer feels the need to slap you about the face with it and doesn't leave it ambiguous Smile
Well Done! happy accidents or very clever, I'll let you decide hahahah

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That minimalist rhythm section plus midi instruments creates a wonderful vastness. Very suitable for the topic and place. Your soulful vocals satisfy once again. And those lyrics are 5 star!

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Wonderful story telling and powerful well crafted story. I love the minimalist highly effective percussion. You sound great and I love how you are blending your guitar with some great instrument sounds. Gorgeous!

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The mixing is really good, and the instrumental solos sound good. If you ever want live trumpet in a song, I'd be happy to oblige. I love the story telling in this and the ambiguity. The music conveys the loneliness very well.

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I may take you up on that. I much prefer the real thing to midi instruments, thanks!

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A great mix & performance with some powerful lyrics. I'm a sucker for organ tones, so this really hit my sweet spot.

See You In The Shadows…

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Love the organ and trumpets and all the little touches ... vocals sound great, and the song itself is a beaut.

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so much implied, but neat details too, like the dust she couldn't breathe in-- an epic and a beginning, i want more songs about this character! great vokes and music too.