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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by a certain US history class.

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I can visualize people marching and charging. Excellent imagery painted with the music.

Yes I also got vibes of this theme, a video game battle's aftermath when the first battle is won but the boss is about to do some evil things to really kick off the war.

Some ideas I wouldn't have thought of, I may need to study this for my piano pieces when I get around to them Smile

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Very ominous. I like how it slowly builds with those piano notes. Then it's reinforced and the tempo picks up. It's got anticipation, frenzy, strength & resolve all mixed in there. Nicely done!

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it reminded me of a hungarian (or similar) folk tune, with a sad and sombre almost funeral march feel. it made me think of some of Bartok's folk inspired stuff - ha ha then it got even more like that and the comic frenzied bit came up which made me smile. nice little recap of that at the end. very nice, enjoyed very much Smile

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Writing as I listen. The intro is like boats quietly floating through a river towards a battle. Then they get noticed and the opposing side gets ready for a battle. And then everybody is standing there waiting for it all to start. Knowing what's to come, emotions running wild, but nothing to do except to stand and wait.

And then it all breaks loose for few moments... until it's quiet once again.

Powerful! Evocative.