Broken Free

Broken Free

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Liner Notes: 

To my mind, this would work best with music that's mysterious but not in a scary way -- if that makes sense.

Please contact me if you'd like to set these lyrics to music.


NOTE: wacha has turned this into a great song.


NOTE: The final verse’s lines 1 and 3 have to be sung a bit faster than the same lines in the other verses.

Broken Free

V. 1
As the lanterns glow
And the cobras dance
I mellow into a walking trance
Aroma of spice
And the beat of drums
I won’t be afraid
Of whatever comes
Won’t be afraid

V. 2
The diviner warns
She can sense a spell
Has a potion she’d be glad to sell
I can’t hide a smile
As the moon hangs low
I won’t be afraid
Of what I don’t know
Won’t be afraid
Won’t be afraid

I carried my fear
Till it almost buried me
Scared no more
I’ve broken
Broken free
I’ve broken free
I’ve broken free


V. 3
Meet a stranger who makes
The case that home
Isn’t where you’re from or a place you own
As the square fills up
And a chant begins
I won’t be afraid
To do anything
Won’t be afraid
Won’t be afraid
Won’t be afraid
Won’t be afraid

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this would work either way..with a dark voodoo vibe or a light love potion number nine feel.

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The repeating lines at verses end are really good. Cool lyrics

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I love these! You have created an eerie, mysterious tone with them. I would love to play with these some if you're interested. May take me a while but we do have 89 days left.

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Very cool. I look forward to hearing it put to music in a magical mystical way...

It has a beautiful flow. I didnt feel the dark . I felt more bounce, not exactly shanty but that meter. Mysterious yes.

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You create a nice mood with your words. Interested to hear the song. But no pressure, I can wait