Untitled Quartet

Untitled Quartet

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Liner Notes: 

String quartet - cello, viola, 2x violin

Uses the single instrument samples supplied with Studio One through a convolution reverb.

(Still waiting on the Spitfire freebie)

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Really nice piece, excellent sense of progression and movement throughout. I particularly like those cello stabs towards the end, really gives it a rhythmic drive.

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Old old music but it's elegant and noble
if I was out in me tractor and heard it I would feel like a king in a carriage

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I like someone said noble. I think regal was my word! Just flows along very nicely.

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ominous and somewhat creepy yet somehow oddly soothing....then I read comments......yeah what Deanna said Smile

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This would fit in an Elder Scrolls game. But I hear that everywhere.

So sweet how it develops and starts to liven up at the end. You get a sense that something's up. Somebody made up their mind! Biggrin


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Lush and intense and quite lovely, with a little current of aggression flaring up out the tranquil musical sea near the end there. A captivating piece!

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Ooooo, quite nice! Love the progressive journey of the story being told. And I know what you mean about adjusting to our new recording circumstances during this time. I don’t feel as free to record vocals either.

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Nice layers with the different instruments and melodies, with nothing taking attention away from the overall melancholy sound.
Soothing and somber. 2 and a half minutes that allowed me to actually focus on my work but also still hear everything going on in the song.
You've inspired me to try my hand at this style again.

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Really rich, velvety, and wonderful! Gorgeous use of the string layers. Such a moving piece that stirs my emotions! Love the change up when the cello adds that pulsating rhythm. Well done!

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You had me hooked with that first cello. This is mournful, foreboding, ominous, and regretful: they're all great moods for strings of any flavour. All the same, I'd like to hear you rescore this with BBC SO Discover, especially if you automate the dynamics and expression parameters in it; I'm amazed by how much more lifelike that makes the instruments sound.