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Liner Notes: 

Not sure if this makes any sense. Lets call it stream of consciousness.
Isolate. It's the end of the world as we know it, and i feel fine.



I walk the line, I wear my face mask
I’ll stay inside, with my ten-foot pole
Trapped in my mind, I’m pirouette dancing
Just a matter of time, until I rock and roll

Give us a sign, we’re caught in a vortex
Help us unwind, feel so alone
I drink the wine, and sit on the porch steps
World leader pretend, out of control

My daily grind, is watching the birdbath
Middle of night, I stare at the moon
Not satisfied, to stay on the footpath
I subdivide the walls of my room

I see the light, that peeks through the clouds
Pestilence swallow us middle of night
Hope springs eternal, spirits unbowed
Follow the guidelines, soul to refine

When I decide to mix with the crowd
Believing the lies the Russian bots told
Up half the night in my hideout
Drinking moonshine as I Doomscroll

Ralph Goodson July-2020

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the waltz us an ironic signature for a song of self isolation .fine lyrics and guitaring.

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Well, you taught me a new word and I enjoyed the song, too. Very nice picking.

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Makes sense to me! Vivid and relatable perspective on current times even for someone living outside the US. Great feel too, it's very impressive how much you are able to do with just vocals and guitar. Lots of dynamics, very natural tempo shifts, and I really enjoyed those guitar bits in between (great playing btw).

I dont have any wonderful words or insights.i just plain enjoyed it from the first guitar note. I do see the cleverness of the lyric on this topic.

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I just really enjoyed this too! great guitar work! Makes perfect sense!

Drinking moonshine as I Doomscroll really great phrasing through and through, that one really grabbed me.

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Oh wow what a sound that guitar has.

It's so nice to listen to somebody who's so comfortable with the instrument. That 1:10 jangle was spot on!

I adore this!

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Great start, and very topical, only 49 more to go.

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Wonderful lyric. A lot of memorable lines, my favourite of which is 'My daily grind is watching the birdbath'.
Lovely jangly guitar as well, and pleasing vocals.

Nice way to start my morning.

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The title captures my trips through the socials and reasons to unfollow. The music captures my middle of the night feelings when I can't sleep.