Darnell's Encyclopedia of Bird Women

Darnell's Encyclopedia of Bird Women

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Liner Notes: 

In the marshland on the coast where I farm they got many old tales of bird women.
ANd Turnip men and sea witches marching inland and carrying off me booze but let's concentrate on one thing at a time
SO I'm steeped in the folklore and so I improvised the lyric as i went.
like all short songs with much compressed in its short body, two listenings will let it unravel to it's full length.
so there you go


I flew
with the bird women
to the headland
where they keep the erotic flying lotion.
The flying lotion
the more you get rubbed on
the higher you go. Its true
Damn - they never seen such a well developed man before
they went crazy
hey don't rub that stuff in so hard!
I flew so high
i touched the moon,
they don't tell you how sticky the moon really is
till you gone and touched it - and got stuck up there!
The sticky lotion man!
the moon's covered with it - I couldn't get it off.
Th bird women
had to rub me all over
with the bird solvent to get me down,
the more you put on - the faster you get unstuck
those bird women never seen such a well stuck well developed man before
they went crazy
hey don't rub that stuff in so hard!
I gotta be careful - I don't wanna fall off the moon too quick!

(c) G3 Darnell 2020

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Suitably weird.
Lovely guitar work here.
Your story is super appealing.
I want to hear the tale of the turnip men now.

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this does fit right at home on any of old crazy man beefheart's, rest his soul, albums

Nah, nothing unnatural about those guitars I thought that's what electrics were made for Wink
where do I find me some of this flying lotion Smile
Wonderful stuff!

I'm also interested in the rest of this story.......those damned sea witches, so that's where all my booze went last night!

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Hey there, stranger. This is a real fun song, love the intro and it just goes from there. The story is epic, listened three times, good start!

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Beefheart is an obvious comparison, but it really isn't that much like Beefheart actually. I mean, i'm not really sure how to comment on this. I liked it, for sure. But how? And what?

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This was... something else.

But I was there with you... thru the story. Very vivid. Lifelike. Incredible.

Yeah it reminds me of oh yeah nothing i know. I see bits of those experimental 60s artists but it is more modern. I feel a bit like Calum, interested and slightly uncomfortable - i like that

Ferry Colyer's picture

Haha, loved how you repeated 'don't rub that stuff in so hard' and the pause inbetween. Great wording. I love the wtf of the guitar playing, oh, and the beats as well. Contagiously cool and mad.