The Deanna Song

The Deanna Song

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Liner Notes: 

Thought I'd write a silly little rap for the week 1 challenge to introduce myself.


The Deanna Song
(c) 2020

Been married twice
Only one was nice
Got 3 offspring
A princess and 2 kings
They’re all grown now
Time flew somehow
Have a 9 pound dog
Lays around like a log
Got a cute grandson
Gonna have another one
August’s when he’s due
I’ll be Mema for two

Manage bridal sales
At a Jared not Zales
What I’d love to do
Is to get paid to
Write songs all day
For way better pay
In the grand scheme
That’s just a pipe dream
Cuz as you know
I live in Ohio

Wanna move my things
And spread my wings
In ole Nashville
But there’s too many bills
Gotta pay my way
I’ll get there someday

So that’s just me
As you can see
I’m a simple pearl
Tryin to be a country girl

Welcome to the end
My dear friends
Of the Deanna song
Hope you sang along

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This lyric put a smile on my face for sure. Fun!

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i was smiling too. i still am. you put the tingle of a jingle on my face.

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Good week1 challenge contribution. Nicely done. I used to live in OH.

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That's a lovely way to tell us all about you
And I hope one day your dreams all come true


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So now I know a lot more about [deannasweidel] ! Thanks for sharing this fun and personal rap profile. (hey, isn't this how I'm supposed to use the brackets?) Looking forward to following you this summer.

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Love it. I'm getting a Thrash Metal vibe for these lyrics!!! :-).

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That princess and 2 kings bit is fun!

I really like this challenge. Getting to know you people in the best possible way. Maybe i gotta take a whack at it.

What great fun this was!

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Aww this is adorable. Thank you for not being self deprecating! This is so matter of fact - lay yourself bare type expose. You don’t need Nashville to tell you what you already know - it’s just a city with bright lights... Wink