I Used to Dream

I Used to Dream

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I used to dream of giving you
A red shoes tickle and a judo chop kiss
I used to dream that I could fly
In formation with the people I missed

I used to dream of a time when getting stoned
Meant living in a world of laughter
The colors were brighter, the air was always lighter
And the cold was just a draft

I used to dream I was in love
With people I never knew
But I woke up from those dreams
When I fell in love with you

Today I walked beneath a rainbow
The rainbow said, “Hi there”
But I kept on walking
Because I didnt care

I never thought songs would be out of date
I thought people would always be singing
Even when armies tore down the houses of the gods
I expected the bells to keep ringing

I used to dream of evil
And the christening of doom
Every time I woke up
I felt the devil in the room

Still I dream of a time
When everyone agrees
That no one has the right
To take another persons life

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I love how you start with some quite original images "judo chop kiss" and your performance feels heartfelt. I can feel it when you sing, 'I used to dream I was in love.' I like the subtle backing of the second instrument (mando?) Nicely written, Bill.

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Great thought provoking lyrics, The grass is always greener on the other side of a dream.

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What's not to love with a rainbow saying hi there? Really great!

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Great hook: I used to dream. This is deep, thought-provoking, full of irony. I agree that the "christening of doom" is powerful. Great delivery.

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Red shoes tickle and a judo chop kiss! excellent!

really wonderful heartfelt performance, and yeah that 2nd string accompaniment feels just right at home

great write! Love the rainbow verse too! what a gloriously shite day, when even a rainbow says hi and you just don't care hahaha excellent stuff!

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Damn Bill, I love this so much! I'm starting to think your real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman and you are just hiding out in a South American paradise while still writing important, brilliant songs. Like this one!

Good stuff, compelling first verse and a perfect last. You've also dialed up the emotion. Very listenable and thought provoking

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I haven't listened yet. I'm sitting with the lyric, which really is outstanding (I love that flying in formation line). There's a real lightness to it, even though it appears to be filled with longing for something lost. I don't know why, but the music sounds optimistic as well. You are a pro, so it's no surprise that you nail the vocal. I REALLY love the verse about the armies singing while they tear down the houses of the gods. The next one has me scratching me head a bit, though, which is okay, since I never get to hung up on "what it means"

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Brilliant storytelling putting familiar things in new contexts

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Bill, besides the words in your lyrics I find your vocal delivery fascinating.

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Beautiful, beautiful song! Loved the lyrics, delivered perfectly by your vocals.