it's weird that you're gone

it's weird that you're gone

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we're trying
to move on
it's just weird
that you're gone

we're trying
to stay friends
tying up
lose ends

we're trying
to stay brave
for all the lives
we couldn't save

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billwhite51's picture

tht guitar part is going to stay with me, and the lyric is both specific and universal. the understated vocal rides those heavy rhythms like a bronco buster.

Cicpisces's picture

Sounds great. Enjoyed the simple lyrics with a strong message. Definitely works. Nice.

standup's picture

Great story in a concise little package. A story a lot of us are familiar with. I’m lifelong friends with my first girlfriend, I was confused when that turned out to be difficult later.

cts's picture

Short and sweet and gets right down to the point...with sincerity and a bit of a kick. I dig the guitar and your delivery seals the deal.

Calum Carlyle's picture

Again, simple but effective. Not sure how you can be so minimalist and still be so catchy.

IA's picture

Very 1990s!

That line "it's just weird that you're gone" is so powerful, I love it.

OdilonGreen's picture

Intense and organic and just a bit of perfectly crafted lo-fi goodness. Quite wonderful.

fluidvolt's picture

whoa i LOVE this. i love that other bit of guitar texture that comes in and out? when it get real jangly. maybe just a different voicing or a second guitar but it sounds great. i feel like i'm shipwrecked and being tossed around by the wash of guitar ahhh

unpronounceable's picture

I really like the quality of your voice and how it blends with the timbre of the guitar. Simple and good.

Fuzzy's picture

I really admire your minimalist acoustic punk.
You say a lot with very little.
Excellent songwriting and performance.
I always look forward to hearing new tunes by you.

wobbie wobbit's picture

you certainly packed a lot of punch into 60 seconds, also i second what Fuzzy said.