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Got a cup of coffee and this came to me. Love to have someone do this one.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

At first there were sparks
I was charged and excited
You lit my flame
God the passion you ignited

At first it was electric
I never expected that trigger
We were so hot
And the fire ever bigger

How could that fire have died?

But it fizzled
Burned out
No drizzle
Sudden drought
Black and brittle
Knocked out

Nothing left to restart it
I've intensely broken hearted

There is no more fire
No more passion to hold
There's no more life
And it's bitter cold

There's no more electric
And no more spark
It seems our magic
Has died in the dark

Repeat chorus

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RalphCarl's picture

Nice one Cindy. I especially like the chorus. You could almost make that a sort of call and response thing.

sam sorrow's picture

very descriptive I like the structure of the verses. strong chorus too. I enjoyed my read.

billwhite51's picture

cant argue with this one, but the boy would probably still want her to stay

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

The short phrases are very powerful ... my favorite is "black and brittle." Great construction and evocation of a situation we've all no doubt been in.

coolparadiso's picture

Yes the lyrics machine gunned out in my head. Maybe blazed like fireworks. Very cool.

dzd's picture

That does read very nice! really strong chorus, agree with @RalphCarl could be a really great call/response

I've intensely broken hearted..........muah! brilliant! Even if I had to go back and read it twice Smile

Great write!

katpiercemusic's picture

I love a good "failed love" song. Shooting star romance is always good muse fodder.