Little Trip

Little Trip

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Little trip down to the seashore
Got more than was bargained for
When all the stars
just melted away

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Great sound you've created. Nice short piece. Atmospheric and cool.

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brilliant headphone mix. i like the way the vocals ooze in and rise. .

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Cool bubbling synth sound - very modular sounding. The odd lyrics just add to the atmosphere.

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I like that trippy descending sound. And the wobbly guitar. Cool stuff! Nice wall of sound.

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Lovely atmospheric tune with lyrics that reach in, grab my attention and leave me wondering! Nicely done!!

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I love the melodic noise of the intro, you created a surreal feeling that I am really into. There is a broad feeling to the music that works well with the lyrics. Nice creating an atmospheric piece.

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Ok so we're going to the seaside by time machine and end up dipping our toes in the primordial soup.
I like the thick soupy guitar and the vocals floating on the waves, and the feeling that hallucinogenic turnip mould has got in my vegetable barn again.

Yes has a great rolling transition. The seashore is front and centre. Cool.

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Very spacey, yet there's still a sense of the sea. A great mix of interesting sounds. I really like the vocals. Great job!

See You In The Shadows…

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ah, cool, that's a different experience!

I can see that in my mind's eye.

Makes me feel a bit terrified. Biggrin

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The ragged Guitar over the sci-fi sea builds a strong impressionistic image.

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The spacey opening actually reminded me of “Magic Carpet Ride” - way cool!

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Nicely trippy music. The beach seemed very intergalactic. Cool!