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Liner Notes: 

A song about It. A quick'n'dirty attempt at music. Piano patch courtesy Garritan Personal Orchestra.


Lyrics Copyright © 2020 Andrew Male
Music Copyright © 2020 TJ Fatchen APRA-AMCOS
All Rights Reserved

No less popular tool
In the songwriter's kit
Than a two-letter word
A word they call it

They'll hum and they'll ramble
For a name that will hit
But they'll never gamble
On the word they call it

It's nothing personal
That's what they will say
It's just in this verse'n'all
It's just a bit grey

Even Paul McCartney
On Another Day
Left "it's" from the title
Was it just in the way?

I'd be upset if I were an it
It would be like Harvey Keitel
Playing twelve scenes in Pulp Fiction
With no credits near the title

Perhaps the time is coming
Modern troubadours might fit
A section in their repertoire
A little bit for it

And we'll all finally stand for it
Or perhaps we'll simply see
Gerry and the Pacemakers
wore it out in '63

How Do You Do It?
I Like It
It Happened To Me...
All defined the Mersey Beat
All sold overseas

But there was another Mersey band
And this is all quite true
Passed on How Do You Do It?
And went with Love Me Do.

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Clever and cute.

I like that you referenced Pulp Fiction. Biggrin

Never thought that there was something wrong with it. Maybe I'll start now!

Great job!

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The piano part is fun and catchy and the lyrics are clever. Very nice job with this!