Kom ons doen dit(Let’s do it)

Kom ons doen dit(Let’s do it)

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Kom ons doen dit- Die Rooirok Revolusie -Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

Rediscovering your identity as a woman
I have been watching Athul Fugard’s biography.
He speaks about ‘finding his voice’
I think sometimes you find your voice and don't realize it-to reinforce that voice is to keep listening to it to remind yourself.


Vind jou stem: Die Rooirok Revolusie

Koor: Kom ons doen dit nou
Kom ons doen dit nou-nou
Kom ons doen dit gou gou gou
Vind jou stem
Ek vind my stem
Dit is my stem

1. Sommer op ‘n Maandag
Kry ek al die aandag
Wonder wat die mense dink
As my rooirok stink
As my rooirok stink

2. Hier word niemand oud nie
Is dit nooit te laat nie
Is jy nog betyds
vir die res van jou lewe
die res van jou lewe

3. Skryf dan op toiletpapier
Teen die spieël of op die muur
Skree dit uit of dink dit stil
Die letters van jou lewe
Die letters van jou lewe

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Find Your Voice: The Red Skirt Revolution

Chorus: Let's do it now
Let's do it now-now and
Let's do it soon, soon soon
Find your voice
I find my voice
That's my voice

1. Suddenly on a Monday
I get all the attention
Wonder what people think
If my red dress stinks
If my red dress stinks

2. No one gets old here
It is never too late
Are you still on time
for the rest of your life
the rest of your life

3. Then write on toilet paper
Against the mirror or on the wall
Shout it out or think it quietly
The letters of your life
The letters of your life

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Good point and very important. Self belief is a wonderful thing. I still enjoy the Afrikaans but i like the written translation.

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Really lovely. The quick tempo matches the lyrics beautifully. I like the upbeat message and tune.

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What a fun song! Especially the third verse (commenting on translation)

Great performance too. Smile That boncy piano

Good job!

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Captivating voice and delivery, along with excellent just right piano treatment. The sound of Afrikaans is quite lovely in your hands. The third verse translation brings a passionate urgency to the invitation. I’m on board for more of this project.