Anger Management

Anger Management

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Liner Notes: 

I totally forgot 50/90 was a thing until about a week ago, so it was kind of a last minute decision to do this, but I'm pumped to write some new music!

I wanted to try out something with a bit more dissonance than I normally do. Not something totally off the wall, just something gently dissonant. Maybe I'll do more stuff like this, it's kind of fun.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very nice, the soft two-note back and forth makes even the sweeter chords sound a bit ominous and ties everything together.
Yay for dissonance!

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It's got the sweet yet underlying tone that puts a shiver down your spine. Well done

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Mesmerizing on the low end makes for a spooky emotional feeling The higher end PNO part develops the Mystery. Good approach I like it, and it could fit well into films

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Glad to have you with us!

The slightly dissonant sounds are magnificent! Inspirational.

Now I want to write something like this! Biggrin Aw shucks, ideas are only best the first time.

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The low notes are almost acting as a metronome. Keeping a constant tempo. The sustain pedal can sometimes fuse all the notes and frequencies together and harder to distinguish them. Nice playing and could easily be used as a score for film or advertising. Very listenable.

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This is good, so good I listened thrice. Inspiring stuff, dissonance indeed. Yeah more please.

The title makes me think of the mid and low dissonant notes as the underlying, working-on-but-still-festering anger of those attending an anger management class.
The very beautiful chords and other melodies is the positive attitude of the instructor/counselor, and the general earnest attempt by all to try to be...less angry. Yet, those parts still have some melancholy, because everyone in the room knows this positivity and enthusiasm won't last.
Its as if both parts meet at the middle at times, like they both know the true nature of anger. These parts of the song are the most beautiful. The most real, somehow.
I love it.