The End Is Coming

The End Is Coming

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I often dream
Of blood and death
While the whole world takes
One last breath

Voices are silenced
As mortal life ends
No more joy
And no more friends

And then I wake
And wish it weren't true
But the end is coming
I have it in view.

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More Doom!

Interested to see where this goes.

Will they stand up or cower. Hmm you've got my attention.

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a lot of people are having these dreams. you lay it out in a way that cant be ignored.

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Give death the finger, sez I. We're all alive, right up to the point we're not! But this lyric is short, dark and pointed. Effective,

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Thank you, it is in the air and talking about it and even saying "what if" is brave, it is your grasp of something real in our hearts and mind that always moves me and makes your writing relatable....yes.......this is something I see and I wonder if it can bend or if it is written in stone...."the whole world takes one last breath" great write.