#2 SoulMate element 4

#2 SoulMate element 4

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I enjoyed this a lot! Nice rhythm and chord progression, and the arrangement has a great amount of variety with all the different instruments.

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i like the atmosphere of your arrangement. As it builds it kind of feels like evening turning to late night. very cool

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Sweet chord progressions. Lively little groove. These elements have come together rather nicely, my friend.

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I hit play and then saw I had an email and checked it. After that I went to spotify to see what's this track that's playing... only to realize, oh wait, it's on 5090 site!

The production is spot on and I love that delayed pluck sound.

Another great track!

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Bond...James Bond. Yep. Belongs in a Bond movie.

Interesting instrument choices on those bubbly arp-ish phrases, against the more traditional instruments.
This has a charm that keeps me listening and the word 'pleasant' just kept popping up in my mind as I did other work.
I expected something much different with the tags, but I enjoyed what I got.
Really digging the piano and all the other musician ship. Nice rhythm guitar.
A lot to hear, and it all sounds good.