Bring It Down

Bring It Down

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"Bring It Down" (original) #FiftyNinety

Liner Notes: 

First song of FiftyNinety, 2020!
I wrote this one almost alongside the second song, "Mai'a Pia", and they are as different as can be.


Bring it down
Sun’s settin’ now

History repeats itself, yeah, there’s nothin’ new
Under the sun said a privileged few
It’s comin’ round again, just mind your head
If you don’t move outta the way, you’ll wind up dead

But every once in a while, the others take a turn
To turn up for their freedoms, and watch it burn
They burn the midnight oil and show up in distress
And in turn the blue show up in military’s best

An order for a law to tear it down
Rusting for decades to degrade this town
Acknowledging the rights to own someone
And years go by but it never comes undone

Like, children in cages for months on end
Incarcerated for the color of their skin
While the wealthy few continue on
Doing things the same as they’ve always done

And what do we do, but sit and read our books
Remove some symbols, due to dirty looks
And march in a parade and color our signs
But the government sticks to their party lines

Down on the street the peoples hearts
Hurting, hunting for a fresh new start
Stutter, staggering, full of hate
Their oppressors mad for a busted gate

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A nice meter to it. the uke fits it well. hard to get all those words out! and good words as well. well done

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Nice start, think you got them all in one!!

Like this is particular