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Luv Ya

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Liner Notes: 

I have been beavering around flat out since the start of 4 July my time and have a fair few on the way or complete! So what to post!

Each year first or second up i try and post something light and catchy usually played on the Uke! I have been playing around for a while trying to match other instruments with the uke and have used harmonica a fair bit, my friends are trying the melodica! I suddenly had a different thought and hence here we have the trumpet. Hopefully light and fun!


Your startling blue eyes
Your luscious brown thighs
And your sparkling smile

They all keep me in line
Not just now but every time
Theres the things i want every day

I really love you
And so it would seem
Stay with me every day
Realise my dream

I need you oh so much
Oh now I yearn for your touch
All of the time

Your soft flowing hair
And the way that you care
Thats the things i want every day

I really love you
So it would seem
Stay with me every day
And realise my dream

The warmth of your embrace
Oh oh your style and your grace
Sometimes I cant believe it

I really love you
So it would seem
Stay with me every day
Realise my dream

And you are with me
It seems how it should be
Today and for the future

We rise with the sun
Now we are truly are one
Thats the things I want every day

I really love you
And so it would seem
Stay with me every day
Realise my dream

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This is Izzy like with the Uke, The Trumpet has a well designed Solo and nicely done. this is a tough one to match up, but I like the unique sound

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excellent songcraft places this one solidly in the lexicon of i love you songs. the trumpet establishes a mood that doesnt let up even when the trumpet drops out. once the coronovirus us defeated and people are dancing together again, this would be a perfect victory dance.

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Funny. Two of my primary instruments are trumpet and uke. I do like to match them up. They're both bright and lend themselves to a fun atmosphere. Nice soloing in this song. The whole thing is sweet and catchy.

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Yes, trumpet and uke make a swell duo. I'd like to hear more trumpet, dancing around and in between the vocal verses.
Great vocal, too, as I've come to expect from you - delightfully lovestruck and sincere.

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This is very sweet! It's catchy and uplifting! I really enjoyed the trumpet too. It keeps it moving and celebrates the sentiments so well! Good song!

The high uke and the low pedal (?) bass work well together. Such a sweet song. Have a great summer, er, winter.

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Wonderful laid back musical pop feel that brings joy that I had to listen twice to catch the lyrics as I was so drawn into the uke and melody the first time. Really lovely and sweet!

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Ahhh, you soppy fella! A really sweet song. I do like that trumpet. Nice work.

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Didn't know you did trumpet.
Intriguing...we will need to hook up this year's 50/90.
These are lyrics that I could see myself scribbling parts of onto a piece of scrap paper, and sneaking to glance at it while I was trying to win the heart of someone. I feel they'd be effective. Very nicely written.
There's a feel to this...a breezy, light, nodding-alongness, swaying vibe that is quite pleasant.
As others have said, the uke and trumpet along with the rest of the backing track and the melody of your vocals - they all result in what I feel you were going for in your liner notes.
Enjoyed this.

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The combo of uke, trumpet and saucy lines like "your luscious brown thighs" make this a sweet little gem. It has the breezy feel of 60s songs like "Daydream" ... I can picture someone singing this on the beach at sundown.

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So warm and romantic and positive; this is a joyful pick-me-up of a song!

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Love the combo of the uke and trumpet, and like the echo/reverb on your vocals. Getting a late George Harrison vibe for some reason. Oh just got to the trumpet solo break. Really nice. Me want More trumpet!!!! Lol! End of song and more trumpet! Yay!! Anyway, enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!

I am a giant fan of this trumpet playing.