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Liner Notes: 

Wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish anything today, but here it is.

Synth sounds are from a brand new (3 days) toy: Moog Subharmonicon. It plays sequences of notes, but in somewhat unpredictable patterns/morphing timing. Trying to get the hang of it.


This moment's not the first
and it won't be the last
all the moments best and worst
they make up the past
don't let it go by
there's never gonna be
another one just like it

Each moment eternal
the weight is infernal
every moment infinity
we wait for eternity

Infinity lasts so long
more than you or me
eternity doesn't come cheap
eternity is never free

Disposable lives
disposable wives
if I believe or if I don't
we're picking at reality's bones

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Synth? Cool addition to the cool guitar. And as always, I'm digging your bass line. The vocal melody is good. I really like your harmonies. I'm digging your first song of 50/90 as it's a darn good start.

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Thoughtful and true, with a nice groove that eases it all into the listener’s ears. The different instruments and sounds work together well & keep things very interesting!

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Carpe Diem. Love the chorus with the bvox/harmonies and the arpy organ on the left side is really interesting, keeps you in the moment. Enjoyed.

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cool set up lyrics, interesting element the synth brings. well done.

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the wandering moog adds a mutable wierdness to a song that other wise might be too pretty.

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This has a great, laid-back groove that is perfect for my Sunday morning listen. That Moog sounds really fun! It definitely adds an unpredictable element to this song. Biggrin

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The unpredictable synth definitely reinforces the lyric!

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Very cool synth, it works perfectly on this track. This is an enjoyable listen, nice tune and I really like the lead that ends the track.

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Love the synth, it's a leftfield addition to the song but really gives it an interesting edge. Lead guitar work is great too, love that lo-fi delay sound!

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Infinity and eternity--then the last verse has disposable lives and wives. I ponder the contrasts. Go to hear your song right out of the starting gate.

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Lovely arrangement, all layers work really well together and give dimension to the big, open-ended meditation. I really like that high harmony vocal.

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More synth yes! It's sounding brilliant. Love it love it love it!

That conclusion "we're picking at reality's bones" is really inventive. These lyrics make me thing. And that's never a good thing! ROFL If infinity is all time then is it the same as no time? Is being in the moment the same as being infinity?

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The MOOG is a great addition to the sonic texture of a thoughtful and enjoyable song. Very cool. Smile

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This is really my jam! I love the laid-back groove, the sparse lines with strong rhymes that hang in the air, and all the cool sonic extras in the spaces between. Oh yeah, and HARMONIES!! All in service of one thing of which we do need constant reminders. I’m going to keep playing this while I work, because it’s that comfortable to me. Great job!

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That's a sweet, sultry groove. I'm digging the bass and guitar, along with the slightly incongruous synths. Digging that chorus, too!