PSA / Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

PSA / Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

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Liner Notes: 

I was determined to write SOMETHING today... phew... looking forward to this class being over in another week. Brain is on overload!

Decided to do the week#1 challenge...just a little ditty, but the truth...Public Service Announcement... just part of my charm.... :rolleyes: lolol


"PSA / Don't Say I Didn't Warn You"
©2020 W&W

Don't ask me to walk a straight line
Or not fall up the stairs
Make sure I've had plenty of coffee
Or you'll be needing prayers

Don't say I didn't warn you...

I'm a little tipsy
I've a bum knee
I'm a little tripsy
Yeah I'm a clutz

Don't ask me to hold your liquor
Or stand around too long
Make sure I'm holding a fixture
Or all that's right'll be wrong

Don't say I didn't warn you...

I'm a little tipsy
I've a bum knee
I'm a little tripsy
Yeah I'm a clutz

If it's messy I will spill it
If it's sticky I will splash it
You better not sit by me
Or stand anywhere near

Don't say I didn't warn you...

I'm a little tipsy
I've a bum knee
I'm a little tripsy
Yeah I'm a clutz

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OdilonGreen's picture

Nice introduction! I feel like I know you already (not that you’re accident-prone, but that you’ve got a great sense of humor! Smile )

billwhite51's picture

for some reason, i kept picturing early 1960s Shirley MacLaine while laughing along wtih your lyric

Wolf Kier's picture

Off kilter, blurred focus, real and honest. Kind of people I like to be around. Good to see you making words again this year, my friend! Wishing you a happy productive summer! Hugs.

fresh spotless youth's picture

This flows nicely, and is cleverly put together. I'd like to hear it sung. For some reason, it looks like a lyric that would sound more mysterious floating in the air than it does on the page

Donna Devine's picture

I got a kick out of this. Smile A lot of it I can certainly relate to as well. Nice, natural rhyming and flow. Perfect way to start this year's Mammoth Effort. Smile

Amanda West's picture

Ha what a cute introduction song ! Let me know if you musicate it please ?

metalfoot's picture

That is too much fun Smile And now I have a better idea of writeandwrong the person!

darcistrutt's picture

I can attest to that second line. Even when there aren't stairs. I can hear your giggle in this lyric. Nicely captured... Wink Don't forget the coffee, that's for sure!

johnstaples's picture

A nice one Cheryl! Three lines in and you've admitted this one is autobiographical (although except for the coffee, it could describe me pretty perfectly too!)! Love the line about falling UP the stairs! Great chorus, simple and catchy! This is a great's see some more!!

Cicpisces's picture

Nice intro. Sound like a fun gal. Nice to see people admit their flaws, we all have them. Great.

IA's picture

I've got a hazmat suit just for friends such as yourself Lol

Really fun... and aside the coffee, something I didn't know about you.

Glad to learn new things about cool people.