Call to Dance

Call to Dance

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Liner Notes: 

First song of 50/90 2020 - Great on Headphones. Thank you for listening. Created in ZenBeats, mixed and mastered in Reaper.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Cool song! The sounds are very nice, I like the space in the mix and the ambiance.

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I love the swirling meditative bell tone bookends that flank the more energetic mid section. Really lovely to listen to.

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Hi Tasha,
Looking a bit different in style than earlier years, but I'm liken this one.

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There’s some nice bite to this ambient track - lots of drama and tension!

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Beautiful sounds/arangement and a compelling rhythm. Very cinematic. The little vox sounds on the left side had my ears up. Good stuff. Enjoyed.

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Very rich pads adds a nice dreamlike, ethereal quality. I was half expecting a thumping beat to enter at some point. Enjoyed.

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Dang, girl. I'm digging this a lot. Right from the start it had a darkness, a depth that I like very much.

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Man, that's very Phil Collins! Without vocals about family drama or something. Biggrin

But it's got an urban feel to it. Slightly restless. Like you have amnesia and don't know where you needed to go. Or what your name is. Or what's that red sign.

Excellent stuff!