A Humble Suggestion for Making the Most of These Difficult Times

A Humble Suggestion for Making the Most of These Difficult Times

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Liner Notes: 

This was an obvious choice for my first song of this 50/90 season, but there's nothing wrong with getting started with the low-hanging fruit.

Yes, I am a man of focused obsessions.


A Humble Suggestion for Making the Most of These Difficult Times
(c) 2020 Odilon Green


Can't go out to a party
Can't go out to the club
The virus moved in and has stolen from you
The chance to do everything you love to do


What'cha gonna do stuck alone all day
Can't invite your buddies over, can't go out to play
But if remaining at home is where you gotta stay
Then be socially distant in a useful way


You can grow a beard
Yes you can grow a beard
You can use your quarantine
To grow a beard

You can grow a beard
Go on and grow a beard
Time to take your life back
And go and grow a beard


Can't go out to the office
You gotta work at home
You're wearing your pajamas, and you might skip the pants
Throwing out your ties, and this is your chance


What'cha gonna do to make sense of each day
When the hard times keep on coming and they won't go away
Well there's one thing you can do to make it all OK
So listen to my words and heed what I say


You can grow a beard
Yes you can grow a beard
You can use your quarantine
To grow a beard

You can grow a beard
Go on and grow a beard
Don’t let the virus win
Start now and grow a beard


This is an opportunity
That's been handed you for free
And now your face will finally
Be all that it can be



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i might have guessed. you can also poop, which is a more active occupation. as for me, i dont even bother washing my face anymore,

i have a mate in Indiana he only sings beard songs - he would love this! I enjoyed it as well! neat little synths in the middle

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The beard songs have never felt so timely. Fun Power Poppy song, I like the second verse keyboards. This is just real enjoyable!

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Filled with Hooks, Nicely done. Could be an Anti-Razor song

"Time to take your life back and grow a beard." Truer words were never spoken. I wasn't reading along with the lyrics when the chorus hit, and I'm so glad... I had a good laugh, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!

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And Maddie's not even playing 50/90 to write the rebuttal song! Biggrin

A solid entry in the beard-growing canon of songs.

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Catchy and fun COVID beard song! Catchy melody and chorus. If I could grow a proper beard this song would tempt me to!

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Why did I not suspect your first song would be a rocking beard song? I guess I should have. Also, I've trimmed my beard down to a nice, orderly, hygienic, short length and then gone and grown it back out again... all during this pandemic. So I guess I qualify for both sides of the argument. Anyway, GO BEARDS!

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Smile So much fun. Enjoying the synth licks around the verses. Love the quirky musical theatre of it all. Enjoyed. Wishing you a great productive Summer!

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Ha...this has a really singalong quality. I love the catchy synths. Personally, I want to grow hair like members of Sweet, circa 1979. That's right, I want long hair and...bangs

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This was tons of fun, well done! great catchy synth-pop

Way ahead of ya on the beard, was getting out of control, actually started shaving again before starting to record a few things about a month ago, kept getting caught in the mic screen hahaha , have somewhat gone back to work, putting on socks was a shock to my poor feet!

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What a fun song concept! I love the lightheartedness of the lyrics, and the little synth that came in partway through the song made me smile. Nice job!

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It wouldn't be 50/90 without one of your beard songs and this one's a real winner.

Fun lyrics - I like "But if remaining at home is where you gotta stay/Then be socially distant in a useful way"

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

More beard songs - love it! The combo of the 80s guitar and synth and the detached chirpiness of the vocal is irresistible. As always, insanely clever and catchy! PS. My girlfriend won't let me grow a beard.

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Oh yeah? Maybe YOU can do that, but I am one of those cats who can't seem to get haute like that! Nice little track you put together...it's got fun, it's got groove, it's got you - so it's a win/win all the way around!

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It sounds like you were having some fun with this one! Fantastic, fun write for all that is going on now! Great way to start off the summer 50/90 season!

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Beards, cocktails, and cooking - seems to be all that’s being done Right now. Fun song!

IA's picture

Damn, I can't even grow a beard... cos I already have one. Wasted opportunity!!

I love those 80s synths!

And I really like the vocals on this one. Did you grow a beard? I've heard it makes vocals more... bearlike. I guess I didn't really hear that. But given how much I've always liked your vocals, these ones seem to stand out even in comparison!

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I kinda figured that your suggestion might be to grow a beard...
Great idea, tho; everyone need a beard!
Such a catchy little tune you got here!
Your tunes always make me laugh.
Keep em coming!

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This is fantastic! Truly a song we need in these trying times! <3

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I love the word "Humble" in your title. I knew it could be one of two things, and I'm extremely happy with this outcome. Now I'm sort of wondering what the other thing would sound like with this kind of tune.

Lovely fun, Signori Green. Great opener!