Broken Amp & Broken Promise

Broken Amp & Broken Promise

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Liner Notes: 

I'm in a weird mental place right now so this felt very right. Songwriting as therapy I guess



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Cool track, a nice low key feel and the vocal bits are a nice addition. Free flowing and enjoyable to listen to!

If that amp is broken then I want to break mine in the same way. Beautiful and soulful tone, with atmosphere to spare.

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That guitar (and the motif) is taking me places. Really enjoyable jam. Good stuff.

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I don't really like to talk about music that I enjoy. This simply feels good to me--what more is there to say?

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Great stuff! *logs off to go try and "break" my amp Smile Is that you mashing a channel switch? keep trying, or use a hammer?!? hahah

Really enjoyable listen!

Haha that clicking is the very noisy switch on my Freeze pedal. I really need to get that modded!

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Cool sound! Feels nice and open, reminds me of a windy landscape, full of long grass and countryside, in the sunshine.

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I'm getting an Andy Timmons vibe.

Songwriting is free therapy. Keep going until you can't go no more!

Wow these sounds really take me back to Timmons' best. Such a pleasant trip. This is me at the back of a bus, waiting for everyone else to hop on board so we can get going. But everyone else is busy doing something else. So I just wait and look out the window.