One for the team

One for the team

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Liner Notes: 

First song since February.. gritty and work in progress- I guess!

PS. I wear a mask in public and am self isolating since March 3 with my partner. We are both high risk for complictions if we get infected with Covid 19.
Stay home- stay safe.


Unmasked Unveiled
I got called a bitch last week
My best friend says she hates me
My inner child thinks I'm lazy- I admit it
If I knew my crimes I'd be aquitted

I'm guilty
I'm so so sorry
I'll take this one for the team

My world just got a whole lot smaller
isolating even on the internet
I'd reach out more
But my neck and shoulders are so so sore
I'll be here if you need me

I'm guilty
I'm so so sorry

I'll take this one for the team
for the team

c) Laurie Lyons 2020

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this has the making of gritty rocker with a lot of sass and vinegar.

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Good for you! We should all be wearing masks. I got laughed at recently. Good to put in a song

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Thanks for letting me know about this super demo! Nice song

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Loving the country bop of this, and the warbled phase on the vocal. for all the pain and anguish it leaves you toe tapping and smiling. Enjoyed much!

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Love the lyric, and that music is so catchy. Good vocals too. Really fine song. Smile

(I wear a mask as well when I go out.)

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Glancing at the lyric the music was a pleasant surprise. Also can identify with the world shrinking and a couple of distinct distancing critical comments from friends. In the last three months IRL I think I have seen maybe 20 people that I know.

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Whoa, driving! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was probably something less raucous. Which is apt, since this lyric has a little bit to do with expectations. I'm really digging this! Interesting musical choices, as others have said, that all come together for this apologetic yet not too apologetic (and kinda in-yer-face musically) number. Again, I dig it!

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The lyrics relate the frustration many of us have gone through. Great energy to the music-- interesting (though I take it from the notes on Soundcloud, unintentional) effect on the vocal here which adds to the overall effect of the piece and the feeling of disconnectedness that comes through.

Good to hear you again!

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Can't quite work out what it is you are feeling guilty for (or rather the storyteller), but the refrain is very evocative. Love the semi cheerful bittersweet music.

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Oh, I love this and you! The lyrics I relate to it so much right now, especially as an introvert, haha! I hear Lucinda Williams in you, one of my heroines. You're also a bit punk rock, go you! Smile