By Way Of Introduction

By Way Of Introduction

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Liner Notes: 

Week 1, Introduction song. This one is instrumental, but I write lyrics as well. My name is Phil, (phylo) and I have many toys to make music...

Acoustic guitar tuned CGCGCE, Electric guitar, uBass, F harmonica, percussion loops
EDIT: Now that I've heard this a few times, I suppose I was channeling Jimmy Cliff

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This is *gorgeous*! It has such a lovely, mellow groove to it, and the deftness with which you allow each instrument its turn in the spotlight without treading on anything else's toes is wonderful. Reminds me of the Dead in many ways, and I mean that as a compliment.

How have I not added you to my watchlist before now? That has already been remedied, believe me...

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Very nice. I see the JC comparison, but it is its own song for sure. Enjoyed my listen.

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this is a stone groove. brings back memories of love ins with the dead.

Oh I love the feel of this track. The instrumentation, harmonica going, awesome guitar and all the percussion. This is very cool.

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Really nice! Taking me back to songs dancing on the beach.

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I listened to your second song first, and glad I came back for this one, as it's equally lovely, equally well produced, and overall an equally immersive and transporting listen. Very much enjoyed!

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Great fundamentals, Bass line Holds the rhythm well, even without the drums, the Gtr fills out the rest of the rhythm and feeling. I especially like the percussion that gives it that bounce. Harp solo fills out the top. nicely done. You can easily put in lyrics and vocals.. There's plenty of room for vocals

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Beautiful. A very damn fine introduction. I love the feel of this song and want to hear it again.

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I think Chris nailed it. It's so mellow!

This just gets me to a great mood. Excellent how the guitar and the bass seem to play together.

I could see this at the beginning of some TV show episode when the characters are riding a chevy to a small town.

Excellent! Glad I came back to listen. Smile

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This is lovely. I see a red sunset on the horizon and a celebration. I like the gentle flow and hometown feel the harmonica adds. Very nice!

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This may have just been the best 2 minutes and 19 seconds I've had all week! Thanks for a totally enjoyable piece of music! I enjoyed it and tapped my toes and nodded my head. Mighty. Fine!

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I love Jimmy Cliff, and I get that vibe, too. What a cool mix of instruments! Title makes sense, because it's like a band introducing itself - a band that really intuits each other. Groovy!

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I know this has 13 comments already but hey, after the last blues issue I saw the tag and had to come. A good instrumental move/introduction, but it's your harp/harmonica that makes it!

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Lovely! This could be the soundtrack to a nice chill podcast, or a lazy movie. Such a great intro!

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This is an absolutely delight! Everything about it is SO right. Excellent instrument choice for a wonderfully uplifting and gentle piece. So pleased to meet you, Phil. Smile

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Interesting. I often tune my guitar to CGCFCE ... I'll have to try this one! This has a very cool slinky feel, like enjoying a beer outdoors on the steps of an old house. Enjoyed!