Blame Game

Blame Game

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Liner Notes: 

Just saw the word blame and quickly wrote this down. Love to have music for it.


Blame Game
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You said it was only me
And she had no part in it
But I think possibly
You wanted to call it quits

You always said it was us
We were on the rocks before
But I say that's a bust
You just wanted more

Blame game
Nothing's the same
No more attacks
Won't go back
To this blame game...blame game

You said I had changed
That I wasn't doing things right
So you wanted her in exchange
And I'm not willing to fight

You asked why'd I leave
As if you didn't know
There's no room for three
It was pass time for me to go

Repeat chorus

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IA's picture

I like the chorus.

It seems to have a nice flow... gets stuck in my head.

Nice job!

darcistrutt's picture

Breakups are hard enough without your soon-to-be-ex laying the blame on you. Broken hearts and guilt often go hand in hand. I was glad to see the blame wasn't accepted. Nice flow.

kahlo2013's picture

Wonderfully crafted lyric that has an empowering feel despite the break-up.

Wolf Kier's picture

Love me some of that "I've got your number, honey, get lost!" songs!
Great write. Enjoyed much. Great to see you here again, my friend!
Hugs, Wolf xoxo

wacha's picture

Wow, very nice, sharp lyrics here. A powerful break up song. Great job!

johnstaples's picture

Ya nailed it Cindy! A really great breakup song. And so typical for someone to want to blame the other party in order to feel good about themselves and their choices. You did a great job of making me feel this story!!!

Amanda West's picture

Very hooky chorus there, and I also really like how you have taken a common theme for a song (break up) and given it a new angle, the blame game Smile