Here we go

Here we go

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Liner Notes: 

Great lyrics to get us started. Thanks Cindy. That was fun....


Of words and notes
Faster and faster
It seems we float
So far up we go
Into the highest clouds
So let's make music
Music Soft and loud

Here we go
Come with me
Here we go
Let's go see

Children's slide
the Words come fast
It all comes together
its Made to last
The music inside us
Just Has to come out
So lets just do this
It's what we're all about

Playground swing
Goes Back and forth
Wonderful music
Has so much worth
First Pick a chord
Then Sing and play
None of us would have it
Any other way

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that was a memorable carousel ride with daughter on my lap singing along wordlessly

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Oh I love it! Just the right touch and made me smile and sing along too (though not well). Thank you!

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Great job you guys!

These sounds take me back to my childhood. This could be a theme song for a kids show! Biggrin

Yea, let's just do this!

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I knew this would be good. Loved the lyric and i knew the biab queen would do a great job. Lovely song, great guys.

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Wonderful music and lyric - perfect collaboration! Great upbeat feel. Love the concise catchy chorus.

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How's that for a chorus!? It's in the air the whole song, like a magnet attracting it to my head. Very enjoyable collab, ladies!

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Excellent lyric - fresh and catchy - and such pretty music and lovely vocals.

Great collaboration, you two. Smile

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You got those lovely ideas going around and all lit up through the words.
Really lovely.
Despite my drear moniker I love happy songs.

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You guys are just too darned good. Setting the bar way too high this early. Cindy will always be my favorite lyricist, and Joanne has the voice of an angel. Very impressive work with BIAB, Joanne. I'm uploading my first song right now--I use BIAB on all of mine.

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Great collaboration! I love the upbeat feel to the lyrics and arrangement. I immediately bobbing my head along to the beat and the lyrics really made me happy.

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Great collab! Picking up a Deb Harry vibe, and that is always good! So positive. Hope you do some more!

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I had to come and check out your "most commented on" song, and glad I did. Those first notes had me instantly thinking of a merry-go-round, even before I saw the lyrics. This was the perfect fit, musically, for Cindy's wonderful and whimsical lyrics. I sort of agree on the Deb Harry vibe, but for me, I hear tons of ABBA!!
Wonderful collaboration!

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That really added nicely to the sunshiney walk I’m having while listening.

Nice and bouncy music, with a lovely vocal melody from Joanne, set to more great Cindy lyrics about something we all feel!