Rainy Days

Rainy Days

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Liner Notes: 

I'm involved in an upgrade project at work. Replacing old stuff with new stuff. I'm in the middle of my nine day stint. It means a ninety minute drive to The Kingdom of Fife early every morning. On Friday it rained all the way. I mean heavy rain all the way. In some places It got so heavy, I was expecting to see animals in pairs waiting for their ride.

The noise the rain made as it fell sort of inspired me to try writing a rain inspired song.

As a child I loved the sound of rain outside on a winter night, when I was tucked up in a warm bed, so with 50 90 starting I thought I could write a song about that lovely safe feeling.

Alas like most of my lyrics it took a sad and darker turn.

Worked the music out on chordbot today and sent midi files to Reason for completion.

It is as it is at the moment, I don't have time to edit or sing. I left it long to allow me to try things when I get time to sing it. If I can get the singing to sound like it sounds in my head, this may be my best song ever. No pressure.


Rainy Days
Music and Lyrics by M M Scullion © 2020

I never promised anything
I never promised the world
Sailing through life willingly
As the good times rolled
I never meant to hurt anyone
I never meant to cut and run
Keeping love at a distance
A self centred way of life

How do I find love
Now the sun no longer shines
How do I find love
Now the good times have gone

Saving love for rainy days
While the sun shined
Saving love for rainy days
While the sun shined

I am older not wiser
I am sad and lost
The good times behind me
Too late to open up my heart

Now there's no one left to love
The sun no longer shines
Now there's no one left to love
The good times have gone

Saving love for rainy days
While the sun shined
Saving love for rainy days
While the sun shined
Now there's no one left to love

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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you certainly have the arrangement together for a sad rainy song.

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The rain sound is so incredible.

It's just raining here now. Heavy rain. I love it.

I know the feeling I'm getting from the words so well. But on sunnier days I think... there's always time. There's always someone.

I can understand why you like this one. It's great!

This is an awesome arrangement! It sounds really great, the rain sounds are perfect and it really compares the comfort and melancholy of rain. Conjures images for sure. Was an enjoyable listen, I didn't even realize how long it was!

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Oh wow, I could listen to this for hours. Such a great relaxing and moody vibe. I love the chords you chose and that little bit of dissonance is just perfect. Really enjoyed this one.

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You have my sympathy having to drive to Fife in the rain every day!
Lovely expansive rainy sounds here though. Cool stuff.
I would like to hear it with the lyrics as well though right enough.