A 50/90 Song

A 50/90 Song

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Liner Notes: 

Here's a starter song for 50/90 that's about 50/90.


The fifty ninety challenge
New songs in ninety days
You man never manage
But you can try anyway

Get a guitar and start to strum
Play a piano beat a drum
Buy a second hand harmonium
Get the challenge done

Sing about anything you like
About love and truth or Vegemite
Just don’t be cruel
That’s not alright

Have a middle section
Go in a new direction
Make it sound strange and then
Go back to the start again

Get a guitar and start to strum
Play a piano beat a drum
Buy a second hand harmonium
Get the challenge done

In the 50 90 challenge
If your inspiration’s gone
It’s a rite of passage
Steal from someone else’s song

Na, na, na ………

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this would make a great theme for a 50 90 song night at Ricks Cafe in Casablanca. bring on some belly dancers,

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ha, i love that old-timey showbiz feel of this...could be in a hope/crosby movie from the 40's maybe! great sentiment, and great playing and arrangements and delivery of it all. a meta-theme for us all!

(and now i'll think about what i can steal.. cha cha cha!) Smile

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Nice love that oldy worldy feel created by that piano. Nice 50/90 song

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Getting so many Koji Kondo vibes!

I'm feeling this! I'm going to barf out a cargo containerful of "avant garde" tracks and wait for people to tell me how great they are. ROFL

The na na na part makes this song! Biggrin Great! great. grea

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Cool latin beat and nice chords and scales too. That little key change in what i am thinking of as the chorus is quite clever too.
Also, i ALWAYS love when songs have some food in, the inclusion of vegemite here wins many points imho!

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You've captured a beautiful little theme and mood. I feel like I'm listening to this live in a cafe on another continent. Not one of the cafes you'd read about in Lonely Planet, mind, but the sort that the locals *actually* go to. This hypothetical me is certainly sold on the idea of 5090, anyway, and that was before I was jolted out of my reverie by the reference to Vegemite (I grew up in a mixed household, myself; my parents couldn't decide whether to raise the kids Marmite or Vegemite, so we just came to our own conclusions. I suppose it all ended in a tie - 1 of us preferred Marmite, 1 Vegemite, 1 hated both, and I'm lukewarm either way).

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Nice musical recipe to get us through 5090!
Let's see what I can steal from you Wink