I Saw It Coming

I Saw It Coming

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Liner Notes: 

Originally I was planning to write something for the current Song Fight prompt ("I Had It Coming") but ended up going in a different direction, with more paranoia and creeping dread.


I wish I’d paid attention
I wish I’d raised my voice
but what with all the tension
I made the wrong choice
I bundled up my worries
and swallowed them inside
screwed up all my stories
since the facts weren’t verified

assumed all of my theories
had no basis in truth
a new limited series:
“unchecked issues from my youth”
I should have had some faith
that the shivers down my spine
were all the proof I needed
to lay things on the line

I saw it coming

it may not have mattered
I may have been ignored
I may have gotten battered
with evidence of flaws
but at least I would have said my piece
I would have felt at rest
with my fears about the future
extracted from my chest

but now I guess it is too late
I crumbled and backed down
we’re all resigned to our fate
the word has got around
if only someone had said something
when there was a chance
all I can do is scratch my head
as I did nothing in advance

though I saw it coming
I saw it coming

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Oooooh, I really like this. Cool opening that caught my attention, then mysterious vocals pop in, followed by some interesting vocal sounds in-between verses/background vocals. And I mustn't forget to mention the lyrics. Nice!

metalfoot's picture

Deliciously dark. Enjoyed the spooky and mysterious sound to the track.

billwhite51's picture

love the way you open up the arrangement at the third verse. good job wth the subtle inference in the hook. a lot of people in the US are going to relate to this come november.if they dont get off theur asses and act now

thelowestbitter's picture

Love that chunky drum beat. The super vocodered chorus is great and I really like that wobbly synth line running through the song. Fantastic lyrics too. Excellent start!

coolparadiso's picture

Yes its very well constructed to deliver its message. Very well done, love the insistent music

fresh spotless youth's picture

This is fantastic, sinister and darkly funny, except that it's more sinister than funny when you think about how common these situations are. I mean, we can fill in the blank: Global warming? Yeah, we've seen than coming for decades. The list in endless. This is super catchy and VV clever, as most of your songs are

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Oh wow this arrangement is awesome! Some spooky Halloween sounds and a melody that fits the lyrics perfectly! I love the pick-up and all the details. There is a lot of cool stuff going on in this track. The lyrics gave the impression that it would be a very somber type song but it was actually very fun. Enjoyable listen!

Ferry Colyer's picture

Awr, really loved the theme melody from the get go (assumed all of my theories). Desolately nice with fresh sounding beats. Very good start!

IA's picture

What a magnificant mix of instrument... trying to count all the layers. :0

Dark and ominous. Regret and doom and gloom. What a piece.

That repeating thing with the radio voice; wow what an idea!

Great piece!

Scott Martin's picture

Excellent, spooky vibe. This is a warm electronic track, which takes a lot of skill... and you make it feel effortless. Super dynamic as well, really keeping my attention and interest throughout. Well done!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

Vocally, a compelling cadence that borders on the hypnotic. Almost poppy in its simple rhythmic rise and fall, and its repetitiousness. Seemingly a different piece entirely to the distorted haunting (a literal ghost in the machine?) of the music track, but they lie together perfectly. I went back and listened again to give each my full scrutiny, then once to just enjoy how the two of them came together.

Appreciated the way the title hook brought everything to a slightly convulsive halt. A wham line, I feel, should be delivered with a sufficient quantity of wham, and if this degree of whamminess results in a little fallout, then this should be embraced by the piece, which it totally is.

V. V. Good, V. V.

adforperu's picture

Ominous opening, that whirring drone and slow tempo really sets you up. From there, the high synths, the vocal melody, the chorus effects gives it a real camp horror feel, which is a big win. Like the long awaited, mature follow up to Monster Mash

Guitar Kim's picture

I guess the pensive and ominous tone of this song sums up the times we are living in.

spirulence's picture

707 <- extremely underrated drum machine. I sometimes imagine a world where hip hop took off with that sound instead of the 808.

Lovely dark synth work here. Nice harmonies on the voice, and you've got a way with terrifying imagery! Biggrin

marthienel's picture

Yup! that's how I feel today: I see it coming. Glad you put it in words for others to appreciate