This Independence Day

This Independence Day

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Liner Notes: 

Most of this I wrote yesterday, but added another verse and changed some of the words that bothered me.


This Independence Day
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I need freedom to love
There's nothing left to debate
I need freedom to be who I am
I need independence from hate

I need to stay open hearted
A closed heart is much too sad
I need freedom to walk proud
I need independence so bad

This Independence Day
Throw all the judgement away
Let us all celebrate freedom
This Independence Day
Let's put love on display
It's something we've all been needing

Send out love again and again
Let our healing now begin

I need to see kindness everywhere
People looking out for one another
I need freedom to understand
And independence for my brother

I need freedom to live
Without causing other's pain
I need freedom to breathe
Oh to feel unity again

Repeat chorus

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Gets to the point of it-- freedom to love one another truly is the most important freedom! Nice thoughts here, Cindy Smile

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nicely done! i did a kind of 'state of the union' song as well for my first song here, just posted.

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I love it!

Wholeheartedly agree. We need this so bad.

Important message. Glad you wrote it to a song. Let's make it reality!

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this is the sort of anthem that is needed to ring out through the land. A song for the strong powerful voices that wont compromise.

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Powerful and anthemic, yet could also be sung/played with just an acoustic guitar like the best folk songs. Good one!

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A bold subversion of something a lot of people hold just a little too sacred - and yet delivered with the very sort of kindness it speaks of. Brilliantly done.