Regressing Into Unknown Past

Regressing Into Unknown Past

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Second one, yeay!

Bard Cards gave me 'Childhood' as a theme.

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i could use this to hypnotize myself into some suppressed memories. love the way the music leads me down slowy then opens up at around the minute and a half mark.

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Great, catchy hook right from the start. I love the brooding feel to the beginning and then it's like a door is kicked down around a the 1:30. Really nice tension building to a nice payoff and then a sweet calm down at the end. Very nice work!

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Oh boy, that beefy kick drum really tells you where this is going to go right from the start. The atmospheric synths and the burbling low bassline lull you into a sense of calm reverie - and then 90 seconds in it ALL kicks off. This is slick, catchy, and danceable as hell. I'm bobbing up and down in my chair typing this right now. The coda is gorgeous, too!

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This was lovely! I don't know how "unknown" the past is, though, as it reminds me of being a kid and dancing in the living room. Wink

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Love that kick and the super crunchy bass with that buzzy synth on melody. Nice combination. The atmospheric sounds really add to it. It all fits together very smoothly. And nice drop halfway through. A really solid electronic track. Wonderfully polished in such a short time.

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OOooo… that buildup to the kickoff at the 1:35ish mark is great. Wonderfully crafted, mixed & produced. I quite enjoyed this.

See You In The Shadows…

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Wow, 4 already - good work!
I get the "trance" tag for sure - and then it gets insistent and funky. And big and cinematic, too - nice buildup to that! Thoroughly enjoying this in headphones.

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I like the long intro to the big kick-off ... great build-up and release of tension. Spacey and slightly ominous. The upbeat dance part is like a rocket shooting off into a glittering universe of lights and stars. Nice!

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Appropriate that the theme is 'childhood', as this did conjure up a familiar element from my childhood. Parts of this reminded me very much of the background music for the Sonic Spinball (SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis) level 'The Machine', which was set in a mechatronic ecosystem both unthinkable and unguessable. The subtle, insidious electronic pulse, complete with a warming hum and whirr in the air. However, this is just an underlying layer - the adventurous jangliness of it all told a different story indeed... one that spans the ages such as reminiscence for an innocent past might do. Enjoyable and compelling.

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Great subtle simple groove added with the hi-hat pattern. Small thing that makes a big impact on the groove.
As always, excellent sound selection and arrangement.
That bass is the glue; such groove.
I must say I was disappointed when I heard this was about to end. I could've gone for another three minutes or so with just that bass line and drums.
Good stuff.

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You had a different childhood than I did...
Although this does have a Stranger Things vibe to it, and I was an 80s kid. I love that kick with the fat bass and the sawtooth-y synth above.

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I love it when it kicks in around 1:30. That build up sounded good, but it made that next part hit all the harder. I wasn't expecting that little coda at the end, either. Is this really phrygian? I'll have to explore it at some point.

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Mmmm. Really effective driving but totally sparse intro them the rumble. MMmmm. There's an understatement all the way through this of things developing but not quite there. ANd then it hits. This is hugely atmospheric and the continuing beat unifying all the way through. I'll shut up and listen now. And download it. This is REALLY good.

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I do get a childhood vibe from this Smile basically dodging cars on a bike Smile Or running from one mischievous endeavor to the next..........Or getting caught about 1:30 and catching a beating hahah.........This is amazing. Great Stuff. Your no planned plans really working out for you this year! Will have to listen to the rest later, this one inspired me!

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That bass has a killer swing feel to it to match the hats. I second the earlier comment that this could have gone on longer just cause that groove is so tight.