Here We Go

Here We Go

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Liner Notes: 

As I was waking up this came to me. No chorus, at least for now.


Here We Go
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Of words and notes
Faster, faster
It seems we float
So far up
Into the highest clouds
So let's make music
Soft and loud

Children's slide
Words come fast
It all comes together
Made to last
The music inside us
Has to come out
So lets do this
It's what we're about

Playground swing
Back and forth
Wonderful music
Has so much worth
Pick a chord
Sing and play
None of us
Would have it
Any other way

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Perfect for Joanne. Such a lovely meter! Great first up particularly after your volumes in 100/180

billwhite51's picture

an inspirational overture to what lies ahead during the next three months.

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50/90 really is a playground for songwriters, isn't it? Great analogy and a fun lyric. Looking forward to what Joanne is going to do with it!

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What a whirlwind of thoughts... it has a fast pace.. pushing with the Artist's heart and soul... a great musical lyric... Looks like Joanne has first grabbing rights... Send me a note with the Upgrade.

Gwyn Jones's picture

Lovely meter and metaphor to these words Cindy...hoping we can collab via here soon!

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I like the spirit in this! "None of us would have it any other way". Pretty universal so we all can relate! Good first one up!

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Love it. The cadence holds such a tremendous sense of movement, and such colour and light.

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The flow in these lyrics mimics the pace of a merry go round or other playground apparatus. Just a perfect handshake between lyrics and devices!