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Liner Notes: 

I'm meant to go back to work in a few weeks. Me and all my colleagues have been asking, repeatedly, to have some sort of communication and consultation about returning to work. To see plans, risk assessments, actual in writing evidence that we are going to be safe to go back to work with the public. Instead of getting any of this, yesterday we got sent to a patronising and delusional webinar about maintaining great customer service, essentially telling us to pretend coronavirus isn't a thing and put on a brave face for customers and be all happy and jolly and cheerful. I lost count of the number of times we were told "nothing has changed" and "business as usual", when everything has changed, but the real stinker was the woman hosting the webinar saying, with a straight face, the phrase "feedback is the breakfast of champions".

Anyway, after enduring an hour of this crap I felt ugly and dirty, so this morning I've made an ugly and dirty song about it. I have a new autotune plugin and I went wild mangling their corporate speak nonsense into something truly horrible and sinister.


just smile and nod
just do your job
use positive language
look like you want to be there
exceeding expectations
look like you want to be there
"feedback is the breakfast of champions"
look like you want to be there
look like you want to be there
"nothing has changed"
"business as usual"
just smile and nod
just do your job

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Oh i dont miss that corporate nonsense. I love the cat like start and the cat picture. Good track

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Urgh, "business as usual" is exactly what we were repeatedly told while they told us to keep working while we were legally not allowed to be working. GOOD TIMES.

Loving the hilariously unsubtle autotune! And the sweepy filters!

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i didnt find the music ugly. it has a kind of sgt pepperish mania swirling all around the repititions

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I thought the music was quite catchy and rather nice, not ugly at all. The music works nicely against the lyrical tone of the song. Really nice job on this!

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I love it! It has a glumly catchy feel, dark and catchy as heck. Feedback is the breakfast of champions! Hilarious

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"Nothing has changed"...I digged the autotune as an effect, and the swirling synth stuff painted the picture of corporate memos flying around the office, virtually or not.

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You tried for ugly but instead ended up with pop and catchy. Smile

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Not ugly at all - just truthful! Love it! Cool vibe!

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wow, this is a totally effective use of that corporate language from hell, re-purposed for an electropop classic, mid 2020-style. Everything about this totally works, and all i can say is.... best wishes and stay safe!

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I like this. The theme is so memorable.

I don't know what that line means. Feeedback is the... what??! You eat the feedback? Or you take it? I guess yea, but... Biggrin Biggrin

Good job on making something fun out of that!

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I mean it's great. The sound is really unique, and still catchy. I love a good protest song as well. Really topical. Not very in your face, but i think anybody listening can hear the frustration and dissatisfaction.

The crazy ramp up of the tone in the middle is a properly unique effect, and really goes with the feel you have given this song.

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I suppose I should offer you some breakfast for your troubles Smile

I wouldn't call this ugly. More 'cheerfully kafkaesque', which fits the theme with a tightness so painful for those who can relate. For all the wild mangling, I think the overall level of purgatorial insidiousness remains about the same - but you've allowed us to experience it in a creative and refreshing way. Great job. I suppose it's appropriate that I'm leaving this comment from my work desk when I'm supposed to be having coffee and forgetting about screens for a few minutes.

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Definitely hearing some PC Music vibes here, not just in the autotune but the melodies and chords, and of course the brash electronics. Wildly creative, but not at all overbearing... a most splendid start!

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i was a bit put off by your tags and liner notes expecting an ugly noise. nope. a humourous but frustrated topic with plenty of musical wit. i like it.