The Only Sure Way

The Only Sure Way

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Liner Notes: 

Penned ultra quickly. The usual qualifier: revising (maybe) post-Challenge. Wink

I hear it uptempo with male vocals.

Update: Tweaking already. New bridge (not dark like the original).

*With a collaborator. Demo in the pipeline.


The Only Sure Way

The only sure way
My heart can be heard
Is watching you smile
As I search for each word

The only sure way
My mind can be still
Is knowing you’re here
And it's of your free will

You’re the very first light
That’s ever shone brightly for me
Revealing the places where once I would hide
Erasing the traces of sorrow inside
Showing the man I can be

The only sure way
My soul can rejoice
Is feeling the love
In the sound of your voice

© 2020 Donna Devine

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IA's picture

Oh my! Dark indeed.

Could be about joker and Harley if you go for the comic books.

The repetition really works with the different examples.

Great work!

sam sorrow's picture

I like the repetition a lot. verse 2 is my favorite. I enjoyed reading.

tcelliott's picture

It's not often I see a lyric without a chorus. Obviously, that first line repetition works as one and I think it works well. I think you've pulled it off rather well.

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

The verses are liltingly fluent but the bridge is utterly mellifluous. With verses like these, who needs a chorus?