Coffee & Cannabis

Coffee & Cannabis

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how'd you spend
the quarantine?
behind a screen?
living in a fever dream
nothing is quite what it seems

How'd you spend
the apocalypse?
coffee & cannabis?
staring into the abyss
did you think you'd live like this?

how'd you spend
the end of days?
Turkish coffee
purple haze?
do you think we'll change our ways?
do you think your soul is saved?

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Donna Devine's picture

Well, this made for a pleasing break in my current writing frenzy. Smile Really like the 'upbeatness', the good rhymes, and the imagery.

Zeekle's picture

Great lyrics, really liked the second verse. Nice chord progression.

IA's picture

Haa, I don't really consume either, but it's a fun song.

Question can be so powerful in lyrics. This brings it home.

Nice job!

rorowe's picture

Oh, I almost starting rocking out to this. Great rhymes, and its energy is contagious. Do you have thoughts to add a chorus?

Vom Vorton's picture

Some really clever rhymes and I love the insistent rhythm, adds an interesting tension and release!

yam655's picture

This was a lot of fun! I wouldn't have thought of using that structure. Simple and effective, particularly when the lyrics are also simple and effective. I'm going to have to try using it in something.

ZsuzsaDoe's picture

Super cool. The rhymes are excellent! So unusual but hitting just right.
I feel you haha

Ferry Colyer's picture

Cool title. I like how you start singing right away, as if I'm turning on the radio and think hey, this is a song I like, I'm listening.

Chip Withrow's picture

Intense, scary yet alluring, super cool. I'm giving a second listen now.

OdilonGreen's picture

An ideal song for these times; captures the current apocalyptic feel in just a few lines and just over a minute, but in a way that's absolutely spot-on and gorgeous in its lo-fi perfection.

Scott Martin's picture

You had me at... (checks notes)... coffee. Your voice and the driving rhythm are in lockstep, and it gives it all a subtle paranoic feel that's super evocative. Well done!

johnstaples's picture

Damn, Sam! This is so mighty fine. I'm always delighted with your songs! And this one delivers in spades! Timely AF! Theme song for 2020. Just what the doctor ordered. A musical intubation. And I love it!

Calum Carlyle's picture

i love the sort of worried/hurried tone you give to this one. Very topical, and yet quite a personal point of view too.
I know this is rough and ready, but i think it's great, that's the sound for this song.

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

Amazing what you can say in a minute, isn't it?

I dig the phrasing and imagery - you've managed to encapsulate the lockdown experience well, something which is essentially both cataclysmic and quite mundane all at once. The motifs of stimulants and coping mechanisms that are accessible to us all reinforce this. Your somewhat frenetically meditative delivery is equally an asset - an AAAA rhyme scheme can quickly get annoying, but this never does.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really rocking, with a great feel of imminent apocalypse. The rhymes shoot off like firecrackers! Lo-fi heaven.

pipewrench67's picture

This is awesome, great job. Just need a stand-up drummer and your good to go.

Fuzzy's picture

Amazing amazing lyrics, as usual.
Your songs are rough little diamonds.

headfirstonly's picture

Have you been looking in my store cupboard? More (i.e. totally) #1 than #2, but I have discovered since lockdown started that with a decent latté I can stare into the abyss all day.

And it all comes down to that question, "do you think we'll change our ways?" doesn't it?

Great song, already downloaded - but we are *so* doomed...

wobbie wobbit's picture

good to hear you again, i always enjoy your songs and your delivery. great start. punchy all round.