Earth People (Wake Up!)

Earth People (Wake Up!)

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Liner Notes: 

First track of 2020. Instrumental with a couple of vocal samples.

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Nice song, nice build to the middle and i like the irony of history repeats, repeats!

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Ok, Ok, guess I'll get up and go do something besides sit and listen Smile

Really great interwoven layers in this, tons of energy , but not in a manic way a lot of EDM teeters on.........I enjoy a lot of that too...
You found a nice balance here between the chill and the butt shakin Smile

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Oh Yea... this is definitely doing it. slipping in the multi-melody layering does the trick. love it

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5 seconds in and I'm head bobbing and grinning from ear to ear! LOVE how it drops just prior to the 3 minute mark and then comes rushing back like a locomotive! Really fun to listen to!!!

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Funky and dark and synthtastic, with loads of great, fun sounds. Such a pleasure to just sit back and listen to!

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Love the vocal loop. And I'm a sucker for those warm bass percussive sounds and sawtooth wave synths. I was bopping along. I like the gamelan sounding bells in the middle too. Nice contrast.

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A deft use of a very appropriate lyrical riff. Modern life seems to be sliding more and more into an unironic, unapologetic cyberpunk future, as if it picked up badly-written 90s fanfiction and decided that this would make for an acceptable reality. Life, right?

Anyway, I like the voyage this took me on. Yes, there is the electronic thrum, but the contrast of the spikiness that kicks in around the minute-and-a-half mark makes a nice foil, and conjures up vivid images of low gravity, amorphous-yet-a-bit-boxy robots, and space stations with irritating paperwork, despite thousands of years of advances in bureaucratic efficiency. Then there are added accents like the tubular fruitiness around 2 min 30, and the subsequent breakdown with 'history is repeating' is relatable while sounding awesome. Great job.

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Powerful with the repetition and the driving beat. Such a cool bass line and synths that build on top. This is really awesome and provocative. LOVE it!!!

If aliens *do* show up in my lifetime, I will be hugely disappointed if they don't talk through a vocoder. This is exactly how a distant civilization ought to sound when making first contact.

Every time that yellow speaker cone appears on a SoundCloud window, I know I'll be in for an audiological treat, and this does not disappoint (even if that thumping great kick drum had me hastily reaching for the master volume control in here). Your sound choices contrast nicely, but at the same time they sit together in the mix really well.

And this bounces along very merrily

Can see me raving to this in a dark room with glowsticks! Love stuff like this and how it could be made on music2000 back in the PlayStation days! The vocoder voice is a nice supplement to the track - nice job!!