I Took My Robot To the Arcade

I Took My Robot To the Arcade

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Liner Notes: 

If you like this track, you'll love the album it came from!


50 minutes of music can be yours for the low-low price of no money!

I did the last 13 tracks early. (Started Thursday the 2nd.) So the track here is called "Track 1" on the album.

I used procedural song generation and combined it with "Arcade" by Output. (Which I got for free for a few months because of my Orba purchase. ... My Orba that still hasn't arrived, due to COVID-19...)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Fun stuff! No robot uprising occured? Lucky you, glad your robot didn't care about the exploitation of his fellow machines Smile

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I am afraid i cant afford the no money! Was attracted to this by the title! Ok i knew it was you as well. Certainly different to what ive heard you do before. Certainly fitted the title, nice one,

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I've not heard of Orba until now. Interesting little device. I dig your track, man. Definitely has a machine/factory vibe working. Atmospheric, kinda ominous...like the video game Soma. Hope you're going to do more creations along this line (not that your a cappella tunes should take a back seat).

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I like the beat!

It's insane how it groups everything together and pulls the sounds toward it like a magnet.

Looking forward to more. Smile

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love the title! it has a kind of meditative quality to it. cool.

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i am imagining those robots walking around putting their quarters into the machines, then the lot of them all standing so still with mechanical fingers moving

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Not sure about this robot cultural appropriation. Still, it works. I could see this as an underscore for a Metropolis-style dysfunctional manufactory.

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Love the sonic textures here. A really cool departure from the acapella stuff I've come to expect.

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Great industrial/ambient tune, Yam. The title definitely helps set the imagery, and the music solidifies it.

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You are trying some new stuff here. I like it. I like the dark timbres and surf guitar chords hiding in there. I'm a sucker for dark timbres. Now you need to combine your electronic stuff with your quirky lyrics!

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Quite an ominous, tension filled instrumental you've got going there! I think your robot is plotting with the arcade machines to no good purpose! Or at least, no good purpose for us squishy humans!

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Nice how the pulse lurks in the underground. The soundscape of this tune is very effective. Have to look up your toys...

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Organic gooeyness! It's got that slightly squelchy feel that i always associate with Aphex Twin, but it is a lot more sort of open and foresty than his stuff usually is. Scrapey and woody at the same time.
I think it's possible for me to make up too many naff adjectives, so i might stop. Good squelchy track though.

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Goodness me, but this is immersive. I feel like I'm playing every cyberpunk survival horror video game at once. It's like you've brought out the natural rhythm of a world full of unnatural things... infusing technology with biology, and giving it a heart that beats along with the heart of the listener who finds themselves caught in this tense scenario. An outstanding start.