The Bush Turkey and the Vietnam Vet - WIP

The Bush Turkey and the Vietnam Vet - WIP

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The bush turkey and the Vietnam Vet
(C) Christine M Kerr
banjos! Cowbells!


I'VE HAD THE IDEA FOR THIS SONG DURING THE 2019 50-90 but the melody was escaping me. This morning something is brewing but I'm out of time to truly focus on it - so I am going to FAWM it today. I want to make it like a humourous bush ballad : talking song

I also have to flesh out the story so I can get the stanzas in the right sequence too. So again - this is first draft or pre-draft; depending how you look at it.


The bush turkey and the Vietnam Vet
(C) Christine M Kerr
banjos! Cowbells!

Here's a story you're bound not to forget
Of a bush turkey and the Vietnam vet
I'm sure it'll stand the test of time
So open that red wine
And tell you how they both became pests

They both lived on the opposite side
Of a small cul-de sac called shoalhaven drive
In a little town called woy woy

He came from Melbourne with his wonderful wife
They wanted a sea change and a quieter life
They bought a tall house with views of the water
Before the trees blocked it all but growing taller

Several years went by and we all became friends
Thanks to his wife who had an ear to bend
Tell me your troubles; tell me your woes
If you need any help love, you know where to go

One day they decided their garden was looking sad
So they visited Bunnings with cash in their hands

We do t have the energy to
Can you fill it with pebbles to make it looks swank

Every morning g when the sun shines thru the trees
The bush turkey is planning her next strategy

All she wants is some pebbles around her nest
So all of her friends and gossip and Jest
Her nest was the pride of shoalhaven drive

With his/her talons of bronze and her thunderous thighs
She flicked those pebbles flew high
The stones they flew across the road
To the other side where her nest glowed
Watch from his balcony

Wanted to make their front garden pretty
Never though for a moment that they'd trigger munitiy

Stone of white and pebbles of red
Proudly displayed in the garden bed

In desperstation they laid a table side down to block
The tricky just went elsewhere and moved it all down

In the morning the
The pebbles were swept up in a nice neat pile
At night
Pebbles scattered in an arch
There's been another battle of the wits they say

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This does look like a fun lyric in progress. Hope you get to finish it to your liking!