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Liner Notes: 

well my profile page is down, but looks like I can still add a new song!

I started on this lyric today after work.

(Wednesday night) I have a gig and have to leave in an hour, so no time to work on music.

Just wanted to get this down.

(Thursday night): Well, here's the music. Kinda quick, using a looper pedal and stuff.


the timeline
where we never met
and I wonder why
my life's a mess

the timeline we left behind
the timeline where you were never mine

the timeline
where you're gone
and I wonder
bout the road I'm on

the timeline
where I don't know your kiss
and never knew
what I missed

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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It's a touching lyric and the melody and vocal get it across so well. It's a strong core, seems worth a revisit at some point.

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These are incredible, poetic lyrics - somehow, and I can't quite put my finger on why, I relate to them. Maybe in a life philosophy sense.
And a beautiful, thoughtful, atmospheric song. I really dig this one!

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Interesting lyrical premise of an alternative past where the current relationship never happened due to coincidence or changes in circumstance. The music feeling I get of being a little lost or unsure. Which supports the lyric well. The singing conveys that too through tone and inflection. Well done!

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After demo made:
Great sounding track, great work!, well fitted to the Lyric.

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I enjoyed just letting myself get lost in all those guitars. Some great tones, all blended together to make a very atmospheric piece. Can't figure out where the looper is used at all, which is very impressive!