Happy Time Rag

Happy Time Rag

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Liner Notes: 

Was watching an old movie and this came to me-down to the wire.


Happy Time Rag
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Not sure where you came from
But honey your my precious plum
I heard your singing, my heart melted
It ain't like anything I ever felt

Come on lady, I'll take you dancin'
I'm real smooth but I don't like to brag
Come on sunshine, it's what's happenin'
Let's go dance to the happy time rag

I ain't at all sure what is up ahead
But come be my butter, I'll be your bread
I'll hold you close when we're steppin' out
Don't you know girl this is what life's about

Let's make it snappy
Cause it's time to get happy

Repeat chorus

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Precious plum! That is such a sweet term of endearment!

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"I heard your singing, my heart melted...It ain't like anything I ever felt." Wow! Great line! Love the "I'm real smooth but I don't like to brag" line, too. It made me laugh out loud. What a fun song, Cindy!

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Very sweet sentiments! It is a happy story, one that makes you smile. I like the "snappy/happy" rhyme and overall feel-good message!