October Vibes

October Vibes

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Liner Notes: 

This started with a piano chord sequence. After I processed it through gappers and snippers and added rhythm, it reminded me of the place where I used to get my hair cut by a vibraphonist, so I added some vibes. (I go to a violinist now, so you might want to take cover in February ...)

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Wow! This is a mix of so many different things but it is awesome! Very cool

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Good thing Stevie Vai doesn't cut your hair--he's a shredder. Cool lounge sound, I'm imagining an Afro-Cuban band fronted by Lionel Hampton. I could definitely sit back and relax in the barber's chair with this music

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Really lovely vibes and interconnected layers. I like the buzzy vibrating bass as the platform... it is like the little brrr chill in the air on a gorgeous fall day delivered by the melody line.

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Those stuttering piano chords really do the trick for me... Despite the vibes, that relentless bass rhythm gives this a remarkable tension.

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Very cool, love the layers and the underlying beat. Chill, in a great way.