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Liner Notes: 

Martin (Marvsmooth) had a guitar track and I wrote a lyric into it and sang it but it needed some sort of magic touch because I felt the genre...whatever that may be, was a bit out of my reach but knew the perfect person to send it to. At FAWMstock I watched the wheels turn in the mind of CTS (Craig) and could see how he can produce and hear things and work them together to create something special....I sent it all to him and sort of at the last minute, so I am sorry that I was so late doing this to Martin but loved your gutiar track, I am sorry that I sent it with so little time to Craig, but LOOK AT WHAT WE GOT! So awesome to me, and even my kids like it...I mean, when does that happen?? Sometimes something boring just needs a little JELLY................Thank you friends!!


Love's On His Mind
by Tammy Jann, Martin Quibell, Craig Suiter
© 2019

I'm the only one that captures his gaze
he's got my heart every night and day

I can guarantee
he's looking at me
I cast him a glance
the curve of his smile
is driving me wild
I'm ready for romance

He's put in the time, I think he is mine
he's showing the signs, he's got love on his mind

take my advice
look in his eyes
break the ice
don't think twice
they'll be throwing rice

he's got my trust, it's not just lust
He's made his plans, he's my man

Did I mention
he pays attention
and gave me a gift
I can't ignore him
I adore him
I'm kissing his lips

He's got love on his mind, He's got love on his mind

When he's near
I make it clear
that he is mine
his expression
is confessing
he's got love on his mind

He's put in the time, I think he's mine
he's showing the signs, he's got love on his mind

he's there for me
every time
you'd be blind
if you didn't know
he's got love on his mind

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Yay! A three way collaboration with three of my favorite 5090ers!!! Love the flow of the vocals on the layers of finger picking and flute. Really beautiful effects!

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I don't like flute in many situations, but it really works well here. It's cool little riff that subtly supports the bluesy guitar and super funky vocal. That's a cool tune y'all.

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Nice upbeat sound and lyrics and a trio of talented collaborators. Nice guitar groove, and the added beats and bells work great.

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Nice! Very nice. Everything working together so well!

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This is awesome! Wonderful collaboration; Tammy, nice vocal added to this superb musicianship. This has an old bluesy, jazzy feel that's been brought current. I was almost waiting for some scat to jump out! haha! Absolutely love this!

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I really dig this - I can definitely hear the jelly working! This fits together wonderfully. Great vocal performance from Tammy!