Charity Shop

Charity Shop

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Liner Notes: 

Track 1: marvsmooth on acoustic guitar
Track 2: Vom Vorton on bass
Track 3: wobbie wobbit on vocals and melodica
Track 4: me on tambourine

owl: The second song from Tape 3, in just under the wire. I tried a whole bunch of things, but ended up feeling like they were all Too Much, so I just put a little tambourine on this instead of anything fancy (sorry it's kind of loosey-goosey, I had to record over the click track and it turns out having a good sense of rhythm without someone/something reliable to lean on is hard for me!) Again, I adjusted all the levels on the 4-track and recorded it into my DAW as a single track, and just added a little bit of reverb and compression/mastering on top. I tried to transcribe wobbie wobbit's lyrics faithfully below but may have made some mistakes (I did learn the word "Crimplene," which I'd never heard of before!)


See what they've got at the charity shop
Have a little look on the rails
Corduroy skirt and a Crimplene top and a multitude of fashion fails
Mugs and cups and handbags
Encyclopedias and knitting mags
See what they've got at the charity shop
Jigsaw puzzles and games
Inflatable hammer that would make a good prop
Horn-rimmed spectacle frames
Cuddly toys and Lego bricks
Scented candles and walking sticks
See what they've got at the charity shop
Cufflinks and novelty ties
Country folk and 70's pop
Romances and books about spies
Sad-looking sandals and musty coats
Fridge magnets with funny quotes
See what they've got at the charity shop
You don't need a reason why
Once you start looking you just can't stop
I'll see what they've got
See what they've got
See what they've got to buy

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Fun, bouncy number y'all whipped up. I always like half hour the 4 tracks turn out. Love the process of it all. I also love a good little charity shop. Those places are great fun, so this song is a real winner for me!

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thank you for your work with this track owl, (and for transcribing the lyrics Smile ) I love the scruffiness of this one, the guitar and bass already had quite a complete feel when I got it 3rd. i like the punky boppiness of the guitar and bass and hope the theme of the charity shop suits that. enjoyed doing this one, thanks everyone, well done all.
ps, love the picture you have on the song page, perfect Smile

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Nice bouncy number! Sounds fun! Nice bassy song! Love those charity shops

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Yay, glad this one got finished up! Really charming stuff, and an excellent ode to charity shops! Even if it doesn't include my most frequent charity shop purchases, weird old movies on DVD that I never get around to watching. Great work everyone!

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Oh, this is great! Love the lyrics, the melodica, the tambourine... so good! Smile

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Oh cool, fun tune. I used to go to thrift stores a lot more often, now it seems like I don't have the time. I really like these kinda list songs, a few have really caught my ear lately. Sad-looking sandals! Knitting magazines! Yay.

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I LOVE this! "Once you start looking you just can't stop" is so, so true. My achilles heel is books, but I've also ended up bringing home wine racks, guitars, and even a concrete Easter Island Moai that's a couple of feet tall... This is an absolute joy!

I can empathise with @owl's story in the liner notes about trying stuff and then realising all that was needed was a bit of tambourine. You've heard the results of my approach to production: if it's missing the kitchen sink, I've been slacking. I wish I possessed the restraint to be able to say "you know what? That's all it needs..."

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This totally captures the frayed charm of the charity shop. Great lyric! I love the way everything is piled in there, as it would be in the charity shop itself. The tune is a pretty damned catchy earworm, too