Sixty-Nine, Dude!

Sixty-Nine, Dude!

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Liner Notes: 

I've never got into these numbers before for Fifty/Ninety. So I decided a merely monstrous guitar sound was no longer sufficient, and moved into apocalyptic territory. The Keeley "Dark Side" pedal definitely helped.

And yes, it's a Bill and Ted reference. Shooting has finished on "Bill and Ted Face The Music" - I can't wait to see it.

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Ah... what an awesome instrumental. Outstanding bass and rhythm provide a strong platform for all of those cool dancing lines that are so wonderfully woven together. Loved the energy and anticipation this created-an excellent and intense wild and going to the dark side adventure.

One of your more excellent pieces, dude, bodaceous, indeed, the wreckage will be overwhelming. Wink

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Nice instrumental. I like the synth sounds - the pads blend really well with the guitar, and I really like the glassy sequencer. Great guitar playing and great production.