Doughnut Holes

Doughnut Holes

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Liner Notes: 

A ten-song suite, written and performed live at Liz's:

The Peace Officer - Liz on zither and Nancy on vox
Don't Break My Umbrella - Liz on uke and vox, Nancy on piano and vox
Roll Out the Barbells - Liz on euphonium, Nancy on electric guitar and vox
Instrumental - Liz on guitar, Nancy on cello
The Living Room's A Mess - Liz on percussion and vox, Nancy on piano and vox
Scrambled Eggs and Salsa - Liz on mandolin, Nancy on cello and vox
Orange and Red - Liz on acoustic guitar and vox, Nancy on electric guitar and vox
Wi-fi Signal - Liz on electric guitar, Nancy on piano and vox
Flip-Flops - Liz on recorder and shouting, Nancy on shaker and vox
Doughnut Holes - Liz on percussion, Nancy on accordion and vox

(And a bonus track #11, "You Can't Make Me" - which we can recycle somewhere I'm sure!)


The peace officer
Meditated in his car
Eating doughnut holes

You can break my heart
You can break my soul
But don't break my umbrella

Roll out the barbells
Plug in the electric guitar
Wring out the moon
Wash all the stars

Candle burning at both ends
The living room's a mess
Ashes all in my hair now
She put me to the test

Paul McCartney and Celia Cruz
Had breakfast together yesterday
They had scrambled eggs and salsa

Orange and red don't go together
You gotta send all the furniture back

There are many mysteries I think
I will never be able to solve
Like who put the bop in the bop she bop she bop
Why oh why oh why
Can't I get a wi-fi signal
Can I get a witness?

The slap of flip-flops
The clack of high heels
They drive me crazy
Put on some slippers!

What's that in the foil
Does anybody know?
It could be asparagus quiche
With the peace officer's doughnut holes

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these are so fun. Love all the different styles and sounds you got. Love Scrambled Eggs and Salsa and Wi-fi Signal. Put on some slippers. Ha! So great!

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That's a lot of instruments - sounds like a fun evening! Kind of like a mini concert. Love the enthusiasm for slippers! That was so funny Smile

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The lyrics are like Zen koans. And what fun it sounds like you're having! It plays out like a short film soundtrack.